Press Clipping
Saskia Laroo Releases “Bring It Back”

Saskia Laroo’s new single “Bring It Back’, is a dance poppy kind of track with special guest legendary trombonist Joseph Bowie (Defunkt) to help bring this beauty to life.

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Saskia Laroo makes her way by cooking up new styles that blend bebop jazz, club, hip-hop, rap, world, and whatever else grooves, in a driving party mix. Her sound is often described as “nu-jazz”; she herself has coined her sound as “body music”. Her sound is borne of her broad musical palette. Its power may be in her down-to-earth perspective; “I want people to have a good time, to dance when I play. I don’t just play for other musicians”.
Laroo makes this magic with the Saskia Laroo Band. Its members are often an international bunch who hail from other lands, are well-versed in many styles, and open to new sounds. Thus, her joy comes to life with this group: some tradition, lots of hipness, groove, ba-ad solos, bold rap vocals, and her mellifluous trumpet leading the way. With all, she freely cooks up the jam.